Support Program for Secondary School Student Athletes -
Fostering Different Levels of Academic and Athletic Development

About Us - The Program

In efforts of developing a sustainable support program for student athletes in secondary schools who are developing a dual career with their academic and athletic endeavors, we are proud to undertake this project with the support of the Knowledge Transfer Project Fund from the University. This support program is co-organized by the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education, the Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, and the Physical Education Unit of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and we believe the program will have a profound impact on student athletes.

Research has found that student athletes require support in sports psychology, sports physiology, sports biomechanics, physical fitness (training and conditioning), sports nutrition, and sports taping. These supports are especially important to those who do not receive official support from the Government. This program will feature talks, seminars, and workshops on topics that are important to the participants’ academic and athletic development, experience sharing from CUHK sport scholars, and talks to parents and PE teachers about their students’ dual career development. This website will also serve as a hub of information for everyone who is interested.

The project team believes that the launch of the support program for secondary school student athletes can help fill the gap between sports participation and student career development. We also envisage that the sporting culture will change with the provision of meaningful support to different levels of student athletes, particularly those involved in non-focus sports. Through providing the support program, student athletes become more confident and knowledgeable, and are better equipped to focus on their academic and athletic development. Student athletes may have the chance to compete at higher levels and bring more glory to Hong Kong.